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Go Host Networks

In A Net Shell

Go Host Networks provides technical expertise to clients in the Toronto Downtown / Toronto GTA when they require services for Network Infrastructure, Wired & Wireless Unified Communications, updating Systems & Servers, migrating systems along with move- add- change, break-fix solutions, Virtualization, Backup and is a Managed Services Provider.

Our main target audiences are SMB, Small Business, Startup Businesses, businesses with small IT budgets, Doctors offices, Realtor offices, SOHO Networks, organizations looking for additional IT assistance, non-profit organizations and professionals with computer networks.

We leverage small overhead, open source technology and minimum viable fix solutions to benefit the clients Total Cost of Ownership. We specialize in non-enterprise settings and it is our goal to provide secure reliable solutions to organizations and individuals.

Why use us

Our Customer Service Approach.

As a small business ourselves we will work with you at competitive rates. We understand every dollar counts in todays competitive market and our target goal is to implement cost effective solutions that meet or exceed your technology needs.

Build experience together.

We want to work with startups building longterm relationships.

We work with Not For Profit NFP - Non Profit Organizations NPO's at reduced rates and one of our main goals is to help those who help others.

How we help you

We can provide IT Services in current technology.

Improve network functions

Open Concepts

Supported Platforms

We specialize in the following IT areas and software.