About Go Host Networks

We are accepting new clients! Information & Communication Technology for Unified Communications of Wired and Wireless Networks, IT Support, Web Development, Internet & Social Media Marketing Services provided to Small Businesses, Non Profit Organizations, Startups in Toronto Ontario Canada. We specialize in assisting businesses seeking occasional to ongoing support. We support clients with immediate needs and work towards building long term relationships. Put our experience to work for you.

Who we are

A small professional team of Computer Technologist offering ICT Services to Startup, Small & SOHO Businesses Additionally we have skills in Web Development and Marketing We understand that every small business has ICT needs and we offer a one stop solution for Network Web & Marketing services.

When to contact

If you need ICT Services for any reason. You are an upstart organization with a tight budget. You Require ICT Support but do not have in house specialists.

What we do

Wide Range of ICT Services 1-20 computer sized Networks Network & Systems Administration, Security, Setup Gateway, Wireless AP, Workgroups Web Development, Online & Print Marketing, Break Fix, IT Improvements, Best Practices

Why use us

Our Customer Service Approach. As a small business ourselves we will work with you at competitive rates. We understand every dollar counts and implement cost effective solutions Build experience together. We want to work with other up-starts building longterm relationships.

How we help you

We can provide IT Services in current technology. Improve network functions Open Concepts